Carton Blanche

Dimbulah State School cartons displayed at Rusty’s Market


Initiated as part of the Cartonography exhibition at Cairns Art Gallery, Carton Blanche is a project where students create their own fruit and vegetable cartons. The image above shows the resulting artworks by students of Dimbulah State School, which were displayed at Rusty’s Markets in Cairns to coincide with the launch of the Cartonography exhibition at Cairns Art Gallery on the 1st of December 2018.

An interactive image of the installation appears below. Click on each of the cartons for more information on the students’ artworks. Many thanks to Jaime Smith at Dimbulah State School, for embracing the project and guiding the students through it, Rosie Miller of REACH, who helped the students translate their research onto the carton (and for the documentation of the students carrying out their work), and Kylie Burke of Cairns Art Gallery, who planned, installed and presented the resulting cartons at Rusty’s Markets.

A big thanks also to Jacques Herbst and Orora Packaging for the supplying the blank fruit cartons, and thanks for Rusty’s Markets for so generously hosting the students from Dimbulah State School.

Above image: Interactive image map of students’ fruit and vegetable cartons. Click on each of the cartons for details and background to each of the artworks.