1. An object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck

1.1 A person regarded as representing and inspiring a particular group.

Source: Oxford Dictionary

When I was a Sydneysider I would go to the fruit and flower markets at Flemington early every Saturday morning with my son, who is an unfortunately early riser. His mamma and his sister would sleep in and we would venture out in the darkness, stopping briefly at the brightly lit petrol station to get a coffee for me, and some warm milk for him. The Sydney Markets are a special place on a Saturday morning; big, noisy, dirty, and busy. They are not cool markets. Probably the coolest thing about them is that there are no people trying to be cool. The hipster has not infiltrated. The vast majority of people visit for the sole purpose of getting cheap produce. I was probably the only person that would happily go there for the sake of going there.

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Darven Exotic Fruit, Innisfail FNQ

Prior to the 2018 Field Trip I was contacted by Craig Darveniza by phone after he had seen an article in a horticultural magazine about the project. En route to Innisfail from Cairns I called him and asked to come and visit, but it was unfortunate timing as the Great Wheelbarrow Race – a three day event involving teams of runners pushing a wheelbarrow 140kms between Chillagoe and Mareeba –  was about to commence and he was going up to the tablelands for pre-race preparations. His brother, Hayden was around though and so I arranged to meet him shortly after our phone call.

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Peter’s Organic Bananas

On the penultimate day of the Field Trip we travelled south from Cairns towards Cardwell and stopped into Peter’s Organic Bananas, located in Upper Murray, near Murray Falls. I was in contact with the farm about a year ago prior to the presentation of a selection of cartons at the Museum of Brisbane (September 2017). They enthusiastically responded, to the extent that I received an unused carton for the installation, which was posted directly to the Museum to replace the beaten up version I had.

Above: Audio interview of Tim and Beryl from Peter’s Organic Bananas. 

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