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Holy Fruit! Fruit boxes and solar imagery


In the Sacred Heart image in Christian iconography Jesus opens his cloak to reveal his heart, which is floating outside his chest. It has a crown of thorns and a crucifix on top with some little flames licking about the cross. It is not the weirdness of disembodied hovering heart that constitutes my interest in this common religious image though, but the rays of light that are coming from behind it.


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Sexy Fruit – The Fruit Box and the Female Form


There are a few factors that distinguish Australian fruit boxes from their international counterparts. I am yet to do a comprehensive comparative study but I have noted in my travels, for example, that there is a dearth of fruity characters and general humour in American or European boxes; factors that seem to be common on boxes from down under. Of course, there are many Australian boxes that take the more sedate route in design, but on the whole it is those that have peculiarities that tend to stand out as representatives of their tradition.

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Over the last twelve months or so I have been collecting fruit boxes. I have in the order of 300 boxes in my collection, which are bunched together with tape and piled up in my studio. They are numerous and not particularly small in their numerousness. They are becoming a little annoying actually. But they shan’t be thrown way. At least not until I find what I am looking for – or rather until I have exhausted all possible avenues of enquiry on the fruit box…

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